About LalaMall

LalaMall (formerly known as "Lala Auto Shop") started as an online concept store for vehicle products and services on September 14, 2020. To continually grow as a reliable shop for Lalamove Partner Drivers, LalaMall saw the need of expanding its structure and product offerings. Thus, a new vision was awakened and on March 1, 2022, LalaMall was born.
LalaMall aims to be a diverse shopping site for all Lalamove Partner Drivers. We offer wearable merchandise, auto products, and a variety of items curated and designed for drivers. We also collaborate with trusted merchants in building up our product database.
We currently serve our fleet of Lalamove Drivers across the Greater Manila Area, Pampanga, and Cebu.
LalaMall is under Lala Automotive Philippines, Inc. (LLA), the automotive arm of the Lalamove Group. LLA was launched in the Philippines in September 2019 to aid in revolutionizing the logistics industry.