Get your 2nd-hand vehicle for Lalamove!

Get your 2nd-hand vehicle for Lalamove!

Want to kick-start your Lalamove business but you do not have a vehicle? Worry no more, as there are now 2nd-hand units available for you, Partner! Get approved for a car loan easily with less requirements and income/credit restrictions. Get yours now!


About the Program

The 2nd-Hand Vehicle Ownership Program is an initiative of Lalamove Automotive in partnership with Ugarte Cars Manila in making vehicle ownership for interested Lalamove Partner Drivers more accessible and possible by offering 2nd-hand units.

Why should you get a 2nd-hand unit?

Driver Benefits

  1. Get approved for a car loan easily with less requirements and income/credit restrictions
  2. Increase your household income
  3. Fast and easy application and approval process
  4. Flexibility to use the car for business and personal use
  5. Safety and peace of mind while doing Lalamove deliveries (commercial use insurance coverage)

Platform Benefits

  1. Enjoy exclusive discounts on items from LalaMall. Explore:
  2. Affordable comprehensive insurance premiums through Lala Auto insurance partners
  3. Express Income, Easy vehicle accreditation and Driver Onboarding
  4. LalaMall voucher worth Php 1,000 upon release of your unit

Who is qualified to get a 2nd-hand unit?

  1. Any interested Partner Driver who wants to join Lalamove without a vehicle
  2. Any interested Partner Operator who wants to add a vehicle for Lalamove use.
  3. Existing Lalamove Partner Driver who wants to own or upgrade a vehicle.

Once the vehicle is released, it can be used within the entire Luzon where Lalamove is serviceable. This program is not yet open for interested and existing drivers in Cebu. 

What are the available 2nd-hand units?

The program currently offers Sedan (200kg), MPVs (300kg & 600 kg), SUVs and 800kg Pick-up (for Pampanga only) as vehicle offerings. These vehicle offers are coming from Ugarte Cars Manila based on unit availability. 

To know more about the updated list of vehicle units offered, sign-up here:

How much can I earn?

You can check our Delivery Pricing and Rates per vehicle type for Manila and Pampanga here: Pricing for Instant Courier & Delivery | Lalamove Philippines

To give you an idea on earning, here is the average data on monthly gross income per vehicle type:

Vehicle Type

Earn up to


Up to Php 45,000

MPV (300 kg)

Up to Php 55,000

MPV (600 kg)

Up to Php 50,000


How to start earning after your 2nd-hand unit is released?

Good news! You can start earning within 2 days! But before that, you need to undergo the following steps before you start earning with your 2nd-hand vehicle:

STEP 1. Complete Driver Registration (via Driver App or Website)

STEP 2. Complete the Driver Requirements

  1. Pass the Virtual Driver Training
  2. Upload the Required Documents (Driver’s License, ORCR, NBI Clearance & Letter of Authorization)
  3. Upload Vehicle Pictures (Front, Sides, and Back)

STEP 3: Pay the required security deposit (Php 1,000.00)

STEP 4: Log-in to the Driver App and start taking orders

How can I sign-up?

Click the button below to sign-up. Input all the necessary information and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you to discuss the details of the program:



About Lalamove Automotive & Ugarte Cars Manila

Launched in 2019, Lalamove Automotive or Lala Auto is the sister brand of Lalamove here in the Philippines, offering brand-new and used vehicle financing options to help interested Lalamove Partner Drivers or Operators start a delivery business.

In this program, Lala Auto is currently in partnership with Ugarte Cars Manila, a car dealership engaged in selling used and pre-owned cars. Visit for more info.